The Point Spread Bet – How to Bet on Football Online

Point Spread Bet - Online Football
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Let me show you how the point spread bet can help you bet on football online. As promised in my last blog post, here is some quick and solid football advice on bets to get the wager you want when watching your home team invariably triumph over their hated rivals. A typical question I get is, “What are all these different types of bets?” And it is understable given some of the odd names such as a Point Spread bet, a Moneyline bet, or an Over/Under bet. The good news at the end of the day is that they are much straightforward than they appear, and here is how to determine which is the bet for you. Let’s start with the Point Spread bet.

What is The Point Spread Bet – My Super Stellar Formula Exposed Below

So let’s face it. Sometimes your favourite team just isn’t that good. Maybe it is a rebuilding year, maybe they are the Cleveland Browns. Maybe the quarterback was caught using underinflated footballs. Whatever. Sometimes your team just isn’t going to win this game. So how do you get a bet down which isn’t just throwing your money away? The answer is the Point Spread bet.

A Point Spread bet, or Spread bet, guarantees a level playing field in a world where we know there isn’t any such thing. Not all teams in all years are created equal and a Spread bet solves that problem. A Spread bet is the wager in which a team has either a number with a plus (+) sign beside it or has a number with a minus (-) sign beside it.

How the Spread Bet Works – Favourite Team Has a – and Underdog Team Has a +

Le’s take a look at how the spread bet works. If a team is the favorite then it will have the minus sign beside it, and if it is the underdog then it will have the plus sign beside it. So if the Dallas Cowboys are -7 against the +7 Cleveland Browns, then the Cowboys are the favorite and have to beat the Browns by more than 7 points to win the bet. Conversely, the Cleveland Browns can still lose the game by up to 6 points and still win the Spread bet. If however the Cowboys win by only 7 points, then neither team wins the Spread bet and all money is returned to player accounts as the bet is considered a tie (also known as a Push).

Example of the Point Spread Bet in Action – Determining Which Side of the Spread Wins or If It’s a Tie / Push

So to illustrate with a couple of scores using the -7/+7 Spread above. If the final score of the game is Dallas 21 to Cleveland 10 and you bet on Dallas at -7, you would win your bet as they beat Cleveland by more than 7 points. However if the score was Dallas 21 to Cleveland 20, then the Cleveland side of the Spread bet at +7 would win as Dallas did not beat them by more than 7 points. If the score was Dallas 21 to Cleveland 14, then neither side of the Spread bet would win and your bet amount would be returned as it is considered a tie or a “push”.

Don’t Bet on Teams to Win Games, Bet on the Point Spread for a Bigger Payout / Successful, Winning Bet

And that is the beauty of the Point Spread bet. If you are a lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns then it is tough to be so blindly optimistic that you bet on them to win every Sunday straight up. However, with a Spread bet the inequalities of the two teams are balanced out and now it is a true equal match up. And that makes being a Cleveland Browns fan much, much more enjoyable. Go Browns! Stayed tuned for my next blog post: The Over/Under Bet.

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