Seattle Seahawks Betting – Thursday Night Football

Seattle Seahawks Betting at
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Seattle Seahawks Betting at RealBet.euWhen it comes to Seattle Seahawks betting it has been really tough the past two years to feel totally confident in your wagers. The Seahawks have been simultaneously excellent and inconsistent, winners and losers. This continues to be the case as they blow out the Carolina Panthers in Week 13, and then the following game get blown out by the Green Bay Packers in Week 14.

So why an entire article on Seattle Seahawks betting? Well the great thing about betting on an talented but erratic team is that it is just as tough for handicappers to get the line right as it is for you. When they win by 30 points one game and lose by 28 the next game then bookmakers have big problems.

Seattle Seahawks Betting – Thursday Night Football

An example of the challenge of Seattle Seahawks betting is this Thursday Night Football’s game against the LA Rams. The Seahawks are -16 point spread favorites at home in Seattle. Now the fact that the Seahawks as NFC West leaders, and proud owners of an 8-4 record, are favorites over the newly minted 4-9 LA Rams isn’t surprising. But how “real” is this 16 point advantage in a game between two professional football teams?

Seattle Seahawks Lines – Pointspread Betting

This game is in Seattle which is always touted as one of the hardest stadiums to play in for visiting teams. The crowd is mental and so that plus the usual home field advantage is worth a couple of field goals or 6 points.

In terms of team vs. team talent when it comes to betting on football, the Seahawks are clearly the best team in this game. A large number of the Hawks are Super Bowl winners and finalists, and even though there is more significant holes in the team than before this is still a talented team. There is no doubt that Seattle will win this game- it is only a question of by how much?

Football Betting Online – Los Angeles Rams

The LA Rams have struggled and even though they are in a new city they are not an expansion team. With the recent firing of Jeff Fisher, the Rams have made it explicit that sub par is not working after 5 years of his tenure. But there is a lack of talent on this team which aside from future star Jared Goff needs to be addressed regardless of the coach.

Money Line Odds – Seattle Seahawks vs. LA Rams

The moneyline bet still isn’t live which means that the bookmakers are going to put it up as late as possible. The idea here is to stem the tidal wave of money that will come in on the Seahawks, which will never be balanced out regardless of what moneyline odds are offered for the LA Rams. I can’t say I blame them and other books are doing the exact same thing. This might also be a perfect time to check out prop bets on the game for other options when it comes to Seattle Seahawks betting.

Winning Football Picks – Seattle Seahawks Betting

So what is the best bet for Thursday? Normally I would avoid this game although I think that you can’t go wrong no matter how ridiculous the moneyline odds on Seattle. So take the ML as no way Seattle loses this game. I am leery of a 16 point spread as it is a large one. If the Rams hadn’t just fired Jeff Fisher I might be tempted to go for the +16 on the Rams just because it is so big and maybe the Rams show up and play for pride. However, with an interim coach and no one wanting to get injured in a season that has already ended long ago, how hard would you play? The Under Over bet is at 38.5 which is a tricky number as you just don’t know which Rams team is going to show up. At the end of the day hammer the moneyline and count your profits.

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