Sportsbook Betting on Super Bowl 50 – Recap

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Sportsbook betting at RealBet.euSportsbook betting is often an adventurous affair which was clearly demonstrated by the results of Super Bowl 50. Firstly, I must take my medicine for picking the Carolina Panthers to win the game as a few of my readers have so kindly reminded me. However, to my credit, I did make it very clear that I didn’t like either the Point Spread or Moneyline lines on the game- I thought Carolina would squeeze it out by a field goal. Ultimately, I chose the Under as the only solid bet of Super Bowl. I was proved dramatically right with the 24-10 result being well under the already low 44.5 game-time Total. And I will be reminding you all year about that!

Sportsbook Betting – Betting the Under

So with my pride reasonably restored, let’s break down the game. By anyone’s estimation this was not a super Super Bowl. In fact it was at times a bit of a goon fest, sort of like a beer league semi-pro championship. However the redeeming part, and what makes this game memorable, was the play by both defenses. The Denver Broncos’ D was the top rated squad coming into this contest, but Carolina’s D was also a top 5 defense. And they lived up to their billing with both Cam Newton and Peyton Manning getting blitzed, hurried, hit, and sacked repeatedly throughout the game. Neither team had much success running the ball, and both had interceptions when throwing. Carolina in particular could not hang on to the ball with a series of fumbles, stripped balls, and dropped gimme passes.

At the end of the day, my brilliant (ahem) pre-game analysis was correct in that both defenses would show up and make this a low scoring, painful day for their respective offensive match ups. I also correctly picked Peyton Manning and the Broncos O as having a very average day which is exactly what occurred. What I didn’t expect, nor did the vast majority of professional football analysts, was exactly how bad a day Cam Newton and his previously potent O would have. The run game was one dimensional and as such easily contained and pounded on by Denver. Newton and his receivers could not connect, with too many dropped balls or mis-throws to count.

Online Sports Wagering -Defensive Battle at Super Bowl 50

When all is said and done Super Bowl 50 will be remembered less for sportsbook betting results and more as a defensive clinic for any aspiring D coordinators. Wade Phillips put on a show that completely shut down the vaunted Panthers’ offense, and his squad led by the likes of Super Bowl 50 MVP Von Miller were clearly the deciding factor. And it is nice to see Peyton Manning actually in the playoffs with a real defense and getting his second Super Bowl ring. Even though the instant Hall of Famer was almost an offensive non-factor in the game boasting a brutally low Quarterback Rating, never underestimate the power of having a veteran elite level player leading your team into the big game.

So that was the NFL 2015/2016 season and it was a lot of fun to be doing some sportsbook betting. Some great stories and some excellent football and I cannot wait until the August line-up of meaningless exhibition games. There is however some consolation in knowing that we are just a few weeks away from the run up to my second favorite sporting competition after the Super Bowl- College Basketball March Madness. Stay tuned!

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