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Super Bowl 50 Prop Bets at RealBetSuper Bowl 50 Prop Bets are probably the most fun someone can have without getting arrested. They are finally here. The greatest day in the history of sports gambling is just a few days away and we at RealBet couldn’t be happier. Get out the pork rinds and the bourbon, put the Lazy Boy into the full “recline” position, and prepare to get your football on.

Let’s start with prop bets. Every year the Superbowl gets more and more money wagered on it and that’s in large part because of the ridiculous prop bets that pop up every year. So since we know you’re going to wager on at least one crazy prop bet, let’s break down some of our favorite ones for you here.

Prop Bets – Will Peyton Manning Be Seen Crying At Any Point In The Broadcast?

Its not that it isn’t ok for men to cry as I like to think that we are long past that stereotype-but to cry in front of millions of people instead of just in front of your dog would be embarrassing.

Yes – +600

No – -1200

With these odds, there’s no real point in betting no. So, let’s make the case for yes.

This is widely believed to be the last game of Peyton Manning’s historic Hall of Fame career, meaning there’s a chance he gets over emotional at some point. However, he most likely cries is if his team wins. He’ll be on the field for longer, meaning more camera time for him to cry in front of the entire world. If he wins Super Bowl MVP, I strongly believe live betting will have these odds reversed. So in other words, if you think Denver wins, he wins MVP, and he’s going to retire, throw down on ‘Yes’ at a value price of +600.

Prop Bets on Super Bowl 50 – How many times will “dab” or “dabbing” be said by the announcers during the broadcast?

White men should never say the word “dabbing”. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms – please read this last sentence carefully. While dabbing may well be on its way out following the likes of the Macarena and the Charleston, it will almost certainly get a highly visible send off at Super Bowl 50. The only question is how embarrassing it will be to watch someone who has no business doing it or talking about, well, doing it or talking about it.

Over 2 – EVEN

Under 2 – -140

Prop Wagers 2016 Super Bowl – How many times will “John Fox” be said during the broadcast?

Quick history lesson here – John Fox used to be the head coach of both of these teams and lost in the Super Bowl with each of them. The reason I want to go Over with this one is because it just takes one conversation about him for this bet to be a Push. If his name does come up then you only need the other commentator to just repeat Fox’s name once for this to end up as a winner. At -140, that’s not the worst amount of juice for an easy to hit prop bet.

Over 1 – -140

Under 1 – EVEN

Super Bowl Betting on Props – What color will the liquid be that is poured on the winning coach?

This is the all time classic Super Bowl prop bet. You can break this down a few different ways, but after years of betting on this, it’s unclear as to why any color/flavor should be favored over another. My instinct is to go with Clear because there’s a small chance they throw water on the coach meaning Clear has multiple ways to win. Also I don’t think they even make green Gatorade anymore, so you can toss that one straight out.

Orange             5/4

Blue                  3/1

Clear                 4/1

Yellow              4/1

Red                  6/1

Green               10/1

Purple               10/1

There you have it. Best of luck betting on these Super Bowl 50 Props and let us know which ones paid out for you!

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