Super Bowl Halftime Show – Proposition Bets

Super Bowl Halftime Bets are Live at
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Super Bowl Halftime Bets are Live at RealBet.euThe Super Bowl Halftime Show has over the years become almost as big as the game itself. It started out as a TV friendly break involving typically patriotic themes with a low key entertainment themes. It has become now a superstar packed event with the likes of Coldplay, Beyonce, and Bruno Mars.

Super Bowl Halftime Show – NFL Football

It could be argued that the sole purpose of the Super Bowl Halftime Show is time simply sell commercials. Over time it has evolved into an advertising tsunami the likes of which the world has never seen before. With 30 second ad spots going for 5.5 million dollars this year, the Super Bowl Halftime Show will play before over 100 million consumers, err people.

The venal nature of television advertising aside, the Super Bowl Halftime Show is always entertaining, often controversial, and sometimes a bit of a train wreck. It is performed live with a few seconds of delay, which means that sometimes things like Janet Jackson’s nipple-baring wardrobe malfunction can become the biggest headline of the game.

Super Bowl Halftime Show – Proposition Bets

Probably the most fun to be had outside of betting on the game is all the entertainment proposition bets which have now become a fixture of the halftime show. In addition to hundreds of different sport wagers on the Super Bowl, RealBet also offers 22 different prop bets just on the entertainment alone. Popular bets this year are, Lady Gaga’s Hair Color During The Show, Lady Gaga’s First Show, and Will Lady Gaga Perform with R Kelly. Not only can entertainment props be a lot of fun, but they can also make you a little money on the side.

This year will be unusual in that there is only one act which will be the talented Lady Gaga. The Gaga, as she is known to friends, will be no doubting indulging in her penchant for fantastical costumes and heavily disco influenced pop music. Her act will be sandwiched between ads for trucks and insurance, antacids and pizza, all things we will rush out to buy to fill the gaping hole left by the end of the NFL season.

Super Bowl Halftime Show – Start Time

But retail therapy aside, the 2017 Super Bowl at the NRG Stadium (catchy) in Houston will get underway at 6pm EST. Expect the pre-game show to feel like it started several days ago and just won’t die. Expect Gaga and the Super Bowl Halftime Show to disco-off roughly about 7:30 pm.

Best Super Bowl Picks – Moneylines and Pointspreads

The point spread is still -3 in favor of New England, and the moneyline is +145 on Atlanta. I consider the -3 to be of value for a Pats bet, and the +145 on the money line to be short on value for the Falcons. As always check out the Over Under which has come down a half point to an even 59.

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