Week 8 NFL Odds – Smart Betting Tips

NFL Week 8 Odds are Live at RealBet.eu
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NFL Week 8 Odds are Live at RealBet.euWeek 8 NFL odds are up and live at RealBet and there looks to be some interesting football betting lines that might make us some money. This is an important point in the season as we are halfway through and have a stronger understanding of where each team stands. Some teams haven’t lived up to expectations while others have over performed. Some teams are riddled with injuries while others remain healthy for the most part. All of which means there is a lot more information than in the first few weeks of football, and a whole lot more nuance to betting each game.

In terms of Week 8 NFL odds, all of the above are definitely making an impact on some of the online football betting lines. There are two games I have my eye on so let’s take a quick look at them now- interestingly enough they both have large pointspreads.

Week 8 NFL Odds – San Francisco 49ers vs. Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are off to a fantastic start this season at 6-1. Carson Wentz has rounded in to shape and is looking like the best QB in the game at the moment. After a convincing win against their divisional rival Washington Redskins, the Eagles seem to have everything going for them. As such they are +13 point spread favorites at home against the 0-7 San Francisco 49ers.

As I have said before, I almost always like to bet against big spreads in the NFL because they are all professional teams after all. Although San Fran is winless they are not toothless, and as such it is not necessarily a gimme game here. Even bad teams play for pride. Although they got decimated by the Dallas Cowboys last week I think they could cover the 13 points here. It is a bit of a gamble but that is why they call it, well, gambling. The Over Under here is 45.5 which seems low- think about taking the over as well.

Online Football Betting – Indianapolis Colts vs. Cincinnati Bengals

Now I am going to actually go against my own advice in the paragraph above- sort of! The Indianapolis Colts are bad- real bad. Without franchise QB Andrew Luck in the picture the Colts have stumbled and are a dismal 2-5. However, 10.5 points is a lot to cover and the question remains are they that bad?

There is no doubt in my mind that Cincinnati wins this game and that the Bengals are actually better than their 2-4 record suggests. Andy Dalton is finding his groove with his new offensive coordinator and two of his receivers are coming back from injury. I expect the Bengals to win this game but the question is by how much? My instinct would be to bet the moneyline here even though we don’t have a number yet as it will be high. However, if I am feeling frisky enough I may consider betting against the spread and taking the Colts at +10.5. The Over Under is 42.0 which seems a bit tight and so I might pass here.

NFL Week 8 Betting Odds – Smart Football Bets

As always do you own research and I would say that these two picks are definitely on the risky side of things! The 49ers and the Colts are a certainty to lose so don’t hesitate to go with moneyline bets if that feels more comfortable- proceed with caution. And when in doubt make sure to have a decent whiskey handy along with some salty snacks and a very comfortable chair- as I think Week 8 NFL odds are going to prove very tricky to handicap.

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