Who Will Win the Heisman Trophy – College Football Futures

2016 Heisman Trophy Winner
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When picking who will win the Heisman Trophy in 2016, it always pays to do some research prior to the first games of the season. This may seem obvious, but some people like to bet on the Heisman Trophy race later rather than earlier. I get it- a season ending injury can mean that your Heisman bet still has action but you can only kiss your money goodbye. So that approach is prudent, but it is not my favored way to bet on who will win the Heisman Trophy.

Heisman Trophy Betting – Analysis and Picks

I personally like to get in as early as possible for a couple of reasons. Firstly, if I am early I can find a weak line and exploit it which otherwise would be noticed and fixed if I bet later. This is just prudent in all football futures betting.

Secondly, college football futures are harder to handicap than NFL football for a number of reasons, mostly due to the dynamics of college team play. As such some lines are more likely to err on the side of caution early on, which conversely gives me insight on what player to hold off on betting as their price will move out as the season progresses. By looking earlier, I can in some cases bet later and make better profits if that makes sense.

College Football Future Bets – Heisman Trophy Award

And lastly, by getting in as early as possible on a favorite I set myself up for successful bet hedging down the road when they seem a near lock. A small bet on their nearest rival means that I am covered in case of a late season injury or upset.

Who Will Win the Heisman – Deshaun Watson

So with all of my Sith Lord Heisman future betting strategies out of the way, who do I think will win the 2016 Heisman Memorial Trophy Award for being the most outstanding player in college football? Well, I think we don’t have to look too far past last year’s runner ups in Deshaun Watson and Christian McCaffrey . Ultimately, I think there is a very good chance that with a solid season Deshaun Watson will win the Heisman this year. Make no mistake- he will need to excel to beat out McCaffrey. However, I think with the season Watson had last year, and how many Clemson Tigers are returning from that team, that the Tigers just might win it all. If so, expect Watson to get the nod.

Heisman Trophy Futures – Odds and Lines

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