Winning Football Picks – NFL Week 7 Preview

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Winning Football Picks are live at RealBet.euThe art of winning football picks is a difficult one to master, and if I had you would not be reading this article. However, it never hurts to aspire to greatness and so each week during the course of the NFL season I take great pleasure in putting together my (hopefully) winning football picks. This year my results have been very average, but in my defense it has been a strange season to date with plenty of handicappers on the wrong end of the stick.

However, hope is the currency of the gambler and as such we must get back in the saddle and plan our winning football picks for NFL Week 7. Betting football online is a joy regardless of whether we do it for good fun or profit- and of course we try to have both. Let’s take a look at weekend game and see if we can find some profit.

Winning Football Picks – New Orleans Saints vs. Green Bay Packers

This is an interesting game primarily due to the likely season ending injury to Aaron Rodgers. The Green Bay Packers were a healthy 4-2 and looking like NFC North winners. Then 240 pounds of Vikings linebacker landed on Rodgers’ collarbone and every Pack fan collectively cried out as though there had been a disturbance in the Force. There is some debate as to whether Rodgers will be back in time for the playoffs, but that of course assumes that they now make the playoffs. QB back up Brett Hundley had an excellent career at UCLA and will no doubt give it his best- whether that is enough though remains to be seen.

Online Football Betting Picks – New Orleans Saints

The New Orleans Saints in contrast still have their veteran quarterback in the form of the ageless Drew Brees. Brees still has one of the best arms in the game and destroyed the Detroit Lions last week by racking up 52 points in the win. However, the Saints also allowed 32 points and this is the chink in the armor of New Orleans- they essentially have no defense. The good news for the Saints however is that their defense will have a lot less work on their hands without Aaron Rodgers to contend with. Instead they will be facing an untried rookie two years out of college- so surely they can keep up.

NFL Week 7 – Best Betting Picks

What does all of this add up to? The current line has the Saints a -5.5 favorites on the moneyline heading into Green Bay and -195 on the moneyline. You can count on the Saints scoring points against most defenses and Green Bay’s D is pretty middle of the road. Hundley didn’t play great after Rodgers was injured and threw three picks- obviously some of that is nerves and some of that is rust but I can’t imagine his game gets NFL ready in one week. If you are nervous about the 5.5 points, which with the Saints defense you have every right to be, then take New Orleans on the moneyline this weekend as one of your winning football picks. And don’t forget to check out the Saints vs. Packers prop bets before game time.

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