PGA Championship Matchups – Betting Preview

PGA Championship Matchups are now Live at
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PGA Championship Matchups are now Live at RealBet.euI thought I would talk about PGA Championship Matchups for this weekend as a bit of a departure from the usual odds to win golf handicapping we do. In case you are not familiar with betting on golf matchups, I will give you a quick run through of my take on them. I think they are an underrated part of good online golf betting, and in the case of the PGA Championship matchups certainly profitable.

Essentially the trick to betting golf matchups is to look at form and player history. Another consideration is to look at the tournament- is it an invitational? Are there amateurs playing? Former champions with exemptions? With all the respect in the world to John Daly and Ernie “The Big Easy” Els, their best PGA days are behind them. So when I see them in a matchup with an unheralded PGA pro I usually can find an undervalued line.

PGA Championship Matchups – Online Golf Betting

So what are a few examples that will help illustrate how to profitably bet golf matchup lines? Take for instance Hideki Matsuyama who I “half picked” to win the Bridgestone Invitational in my last golf blog. Matsuyama always has average first and sometimes second days. Currently in the 2017 PGA Championship at the Quail Hollow Club in North Carolina he is sitting-1 for the day and 3 strokes back of the leader.

However, Matsuyama typically has excellent third and fourth rounds as evidenced by his -6 performance Sunday at Bridgestone. So I will often bet against Matsuyama on Day 1 particularly if he is in a decent pairing. Then I look to bet on him (depending on Day 1 form) on Days 2-4 again depending on the pairing. This has worked very well for me over time. Sergio Garcia used to be money to bet against in late round action as he tends to shoot well early and fade late. Same re Rickie Fowler.

Matchup Odds – 2017 PGA Championship

So watching a golfer’s recent form, and getting a sense of whether they are early or late round friendly, can go a long way to making money betting golf match up lines. Another technique I use, and often in the Majors, is betting against players there on a former winners exemption. Examples would be John Daly, Ernie Els, and Vijay Singh etc. There are any number of other players in this category but you get the idea.

Again, always consider the match up and look for young up and comers on the PGA facing off against these exemption legends. The general point here is to look for those who are past their prime but still have name cachet. Remember the books are always looking to balance action and sometimes former big golf names get more public action than they should- and that is an opportunity for us to make some profit.

PGA Championship Matchups – Betting Odds

So with the above in mind have fun betting on the PGA Championship matchups over the next few days. I find that the lines get tighter towards Day 3 and 4 so look for golfers who tend to fade. I have the feeling that someone from the Field could win this weekend- or certainly not one of the bigger names. However, a golf tournament is four days long for a reason and all that matters is who is left standing at the end of Sunday. Have fun!

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