Hockey DUI – NHL Sabres’ Ryan O’Reilly Collides with Donuts at Tim Horton’s

Hockey DUI - Ryan O' Reilly Crashes Into Time Horton's
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Oh yes, a hockey DUI has happened, make it a Double Double Bartender. The latest hockey news contained a distinctive Canadian element this week as news broke that soon-to-be Buffalo Sabre Ryan O’Reilly had been arrested for a DUI near his hometown of London, Ontario.

O’Reilly Signs Big Contract With Sabres and Celebration Turns DUI and Crash – No Injuries Reported

The truly comical Canadian part of all of this is that O’Reilly apparently collided with a stationary Tim Horton’s Donut restaurant. The 2014 Lady Bing Trophy winner was arrested for both driving under the influence as well as leaving the scene of an accident.

In his defense it was 4am in the morning so we assume that the young centre was looking for a Maple Log to soak up some of the evening’s imbibing. O’Reilly has just signed a huge contract with the Buffalo Sabres to the tune of $52.5 million over three years, and is seen as a key element to rebuilding the lowly Sabres.

Tim Horton’s Empire Founded by Tim Horton, Hockey Player Tragically Died from a Car Crash

Where this gets even more curious is that the Tim Horton’s Donuts empire was started by famed and much beloved Buffalo Sabre Tim Horton who sadly passed away in a car crash. Luckily, both O’Reilly and the Tim Horton’s restaurant are without any serious injury and the lasting damage will no doubt be to O’Reilly’s pride.

However, there still could be consequences for the young hockey star in his native land. There are few things worse to Canadians than being rude or disrespecting donuts – but to do both simultaneously at once might cause O’Reilly’s citizenship to be revoked.

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