NHL Expansion Draft – Las Vegas Golden Knights

NHL Expansion Draft Prop Bets are Live at RealBet.eu
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NHL Expansion Draft Prop Bets are Live at RealBet.euThe upcoming NHL Expansion Draft is going to a unique event as the Las Vegas Golden Knights get ready to join the league. There hasn’t been an expansion in the NHL in 17 years and the Knights will bring the number of the teams to 31. RealBet has a number of NHL Expansion Draft prop bets so make sure to check them out.

In addition to enlarging the league, and instantly becoming every opposing team’s favorite road opponent for obvious reasons, the addition of the Las Vegas Golden Knights will also create a power shift in the league. One of my favorite things about the NHL is how competitive it is, and the NHL expansion draft will only reinforce that.

The Knights Expansion Draft picks will be announced on Wednesday during the NHL awards. Let’s take a look at what all of this might mean particularly when it comes to betting 2017/18 NHL Futures.

NHL Expansion Draft – Las Vegas Golden Knights

So here is how the NHL Expansion Draft works: the Las Vegas Golden Knights will have to select one player from each of the current 30 teams. Each team is able to protect between 8-10 players depending upon position- the remaining “unprotected” players are then available for the Golden Knights to draft. Obviously, the likes of Sidney Crosby etc. will be protected, but there are a number of good players available to make the move to Sin City.

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Every hockey team needs an elite level goalie to backstop them, and the Golden Knights will be no different. Who better than a 3-time Stanley Cup champion in the form of Marc-Andre Fleury? The Pens goalie has long been rumored to be headed to Las Vegas and will immediately add legitimacy to the new team. I would be very surprised if he isn’t on the list come Wednesday.

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Eric Staal comes from a genetically talented pool of hockey players, but has struggled lately with injuries. A Stanley Cup, Olympic gold medal, and World Cup winner, Staal has a proven pedigree of success. Now 32, Staal is probably on his last team but would add valuable leadership as a seasoned veteran. As the Minnesota Wild have left him unprotected, there is very good chance that Staal could end up in Nevada.

Golden Knights Expansion Draft Picks – Hockey Betting

Other players that could be suiting up to play ice hockey in the desert are the Washington Capitals’ T.J. Oshie, the Ottawa Senators’ Bobby Ryan, James Neal of the Nashville Predators, and Jonathan Marcheussault of the Florida Panthers. Right off the bat, the GK could have some serious offensive firepower to go with a quality goaltender and some veteran leadership.

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The Las Vegas Knights are +15000 to win the 2017/18 Stanley Cup which are the longest odds of any of the 31 teams. And that is to be expected- simply finding team chemistry with no club history will be very tough in year one. However, there is a lot of wiggle room in +15000- and it just might be worthwhile to plan a trip to Las Vegas to, errr, catch a hockey game!

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