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NHL PLayoff Betting Lines are Live at RealBet.eu
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NHL PLayoff Betting Lines are Live at RealBet.euNHL Playoff betting lines are live at RealBet and I think there is real value to be had from betting on hockey. With the action down to four teams and two series though, we need to work a little harder for profit.

However, I think that this season has demonstrated that there is an amazing amount of parity in the game of hockey which is good for our bottom line. Why is that? Well parity makes it easier to find NHL Playoff betting lines that can be exploited as bookmakers struggle to handicap teams in games where anything can happen.

NHL Playoff Betting Lines – Eastern Conference

Let’s take a look at where we are in terms of the NHL Playoffs and then examine each of the series matchups. The Western Conference Final has been a scorefest while the Eastern Conference series has started out as the grinding kind of series that everyone thought it would be. We will examine the Eastern Conference series first.

NHL Playoff Betting Lines – Ottawa Senators

So let’s get bragging rights out of the way- again. I called the Ottawa Senators as deep playoff contenders and boy have I been proven right. Now they are currently tied 1-1 in their series and are giving the Pittsburgh Penguins all they can handle. With a ton of grit and hustle the Sens are a tough team to move off the puck, particularly when superstar captain Erik Karlsson is leading the charge out their own end. Ottawa is a +180 to win their series with Pittsburgh which goes to show that they are still thought of as underdogs.

Pittsburgh Penguins Best Odds – Hockey Betting

Conversely, the Pens are loaded with talent including the best player in hockey in the form of Sydney Crosby. They dispatched the perennially elite Alexander Ovechkin led Washington Capitals in six games and are odds on favorites to repeat as Stanley Cup Champions. Marc-Andre Fleury is having a second career in goal, and stars Evgeni Malkin and Phil Kessel are dangerous every time they are on the ice.

This series is far from over and I am personally skeptical whether Crosby’s head/neck injury is fully recovered after being crosschecked in the Washington series. The Sens on the other hand had a bruising series with the New York Rangers, although they aren’t showing a ton of fatigue. This one will almost certainly go to six or seven game and will be truly memorable hockey. Make sure to keep checking the NHL Playoff Betting lines as odds will most likely tweak a bit here and there. The Penguins are +245 on the -1.5 puckline spread for the next contest.

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