American Pharaoh vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. – Who Would Win?

American Pharaoh vs Mayweather Jr
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In an American Pharaoh vs Floyd Mayweather matchup who would win? The Sport of Kings and the Science of the Squared Circle are in ratings trouble and both sports are looking for winning formulas to stem the rising tide of viewer disinterest. With that in mind it was interesting to see the best of horseracing and boxing going head to head this past weekend, and upon final review horseracing was the clear winner.

2015 Kentucky Derby – Exciting Sports Action

Ultimately it came down to what all transcendent sporting moments are about- the thrill of the event and the ability to make the experience of the paying fan memorable for years to come. The 2015 Kentucky Derby did that as well as it ever has with a tight three way stretch gallop and American Pharaoh triumphing in the end.

Mayweather VS Pacquiao Fight – Mayweather Disappoints Fans

There was no such tension and suspense however with the Mayweather vs Pacquiao fight on May 2nd, as a clearly less effective Manny Pacquiao failed to penetrate the polished and evasive defenses of Floyd Mayweather Jr. The fight went to a decision with winner Mayweather being booed by disappointed fans, both because of the fizzled fight, and also because of the general public’s distaste for Mayweather.

Boxing, Horse Racing, Cash Grabs and the Human Instinct

Now compare the spectacle of an arrogant Mayweather, and a dishonest (in terms of his injury) Pacquiao, with the beauty and elegance of thoroughbred horses like American Pharaoh and Dortmund and it will illustrate another growing challenge that boxing is facing – image. The horses remind us of the beauty of the natural world and our love for animals, while the recent cash grab in Las Vegas only serves to underscore our species’ flaws and unattractiveness. TKO American Pharaoh.

Comment and Let Us Know – What Do You Think of an American Pharaoh vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. Matchup?

Let us know what you think – who would win in a matchup between America Paraoh vs Floyd Mayweather Jr? Will American Pharaoh have a shot at the Triple Crown? Bet the Preakness now in the RealBet online sportsbook!

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