Future of Fantasy Football Infographic – Heads Up Competitons, Group League Settings and Off Season Fantasy Football Leagues

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The future of fantasy football infographic is here courtesy of the forward thinking sports experts at RealBet.

Future of Fantasy Football Infographic
Future of Fantasy Football Infographic CLICK TO VIEW LARGER IMAGE

When many of us think of the future we tend to imagine flying cars and skimpily clad female robot butlers – but not so for the prognosticators at RealBet! They have put aside all temptations of human/cyborg dalliances and have instead put their thinking bits to more productive uses.

What Does Our Fantasy Football Infographic Show? – Exciting Sports Data!

As a multi-billion dollar industry, fantasy sports has achieved mainstream recognition and acceptance in a way that virtually assures that it will be here for years to come. But what will it look like in the future and what are some of the signals of what is to come? Check out:

  • Hosting Customized Heads Up Competitions
  • Expanded Group League Settings
  • Off Season Fantasy Football Leagues

Hosting Customized Heads Up Competitions

Think Gladiator. Think Bloodsport. Think Fight Club. That’s what Customized Heads Up Competition Fantasy will be like except with more bathroom breaks. The three simple steps to create and generate almost endless bone crushing, high adrenaline, Heads Up fantasy action:

  1. “Host” player sets the terms, values, and buy in amount
  2. “Host” player selects “Alternating Draft” or “Challenger Picks Full Team at Once
  3. “Host” and “Challenger” lock in the picks and mortal combat ensues

Expanded Group League Settings and Side Bets on Fantasy Sports Betting

The future is so bright that the experts at RealBet gotta wear shades. In the fantastic soon-to-be of fantasy sports betting, operators will need to increase league and betting options. This in turn will drive competition and offer more points of interaction for players. Here are three must-haves for the future of fantasy sports:

  1. Side Betting – on all weekly match-ups regardless of participation
  2. Weighted Drafting – athletes are assigned a value based on performance expectation and not salary. In this configuration, a backup tight end would receive more points for a TD than a star running back would
  3. Advanced Cross Sport Fantasy Pools – an improvement on current cross sport pools which are hampered by clunky rule sets. Advanced pools would allow for variable configurations of players from each sport which is made easier by the more objective Weighted Drafting process

Off Season Simulation Fantasy Football Leagues – Bet on Spots All Year Long

Skynet goes live as the RealBet experts take a deep look into the far future. If sport is just the random outcome of interacting variables, then why do we actually need to have a real game? The physics of the physical game are but a projection of inner conflict – so skip the middlebot and let games take place virtually all year long. Professional sports are filled with immense amounts of scalable data ranging from individual players to entire leagues. Utilizing random number generators, advanced algorithms, and artificial intelligence, simulation leagues are the real future of fantasy sports.

  1. Year round betting on all sports thanks to advanced data modelling and powerful computing
  2. Seasons can be played out over weeks and months, or winners can be declared in an instant
  3. Regulation and true RNG (random number generator) are required for authentic and fair outcomes

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The future of fantasy football infographic is exciting to say the least – and given that there are no physical or temporal restrictions to simulated fantasy leagues then anything, anything, is possible. But for the present you will still need to get your online sports betting action down the old fashioned way at RealBet.eu. Create a sportsbook account now and get our evolutionary 100% up to $300 Sign Up Bonus. Refer your fellow time travellers and get a 25% up to $250 Refer-a- Friend Bonus. The Future is Now at RealBet.eu!

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