How 2015 NHL Atlantic Division Teams Got Their Names

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The teams in the NHL Atlantic Division came about their names in interesting ways. Have you ever

How NHL Atlantic Division Teams Got Their Names
How NHL Atlantic Division Teams Got Their Names CLICK TO VIEW FULL IMAGE

wondered how a professional sports team chooses a name for themselves? Why some sports have certain types of names while others have a different type? For example, why are there so many baseball teams named after birds? Birds aren’t frightening nor do they seem to inspire any undue heroics that one would expect from elite level sports. This is exactly the sort of deep philosophical question that the RealBet team ponders on a Friday afternoon – when trying desperately not to do any work before heading out early, well, for beer.

Atlantic Division Teams – What is in a Name, Juliet?

Take for instance the Atlantic Division teams of the NHL and their unusual and varied team symbols. Our unpaid intern Lewis took a stab a creating a visual slide of what these teams represent for which he was duly mocked. However, the grotesqueries of his imagination do beg the question: what if genetic manipulation could make the Toronto Maple Leafs better? Seriously, it’s getting embarrassing. In no particular order:

The Boston Bruins

To be fair Beantown’s favorite sons have won a Stanley Cup or two recently and Zdeno Chara looks like an escaped zoo creature. So not a bad name. A pack of grizzlies charging up ice would make even Phil Esposito poop a little so the Bostin Bruins get a pass. Plus, Bobby Orr. The greatest hockey player ever.

The Buffalo Sabres

How were the Buffalo Sabres named? Ok, in the name of transparency we have to inform you that a sabre is a type of sword if that wasn’t clear from their jerseys. The Buffalo animal image comes from the city being named Buffalo. Buffalo are big and can trample you and have horns. A herd of buffalo coming up ice would probably make Ryan O’Reilly DUI his car into a Tim Horton’s. Enough said.

The Detroit Red Wings

A winged wheel brings up some very Old Testament vibes but it is the whole squid/octopus thing that defines the Red Wings. Lewis the intern went with a Bill Nighy from the Pirates of the Caribbean thing which is flat out creepy and damn scary. It’s like Stevie Yzerman meets Predator and let’s face it that would be damn cool. It would even make Gordie Howe pucker up a little bit. Lewis’ has since lost his computer privileges as a result of freaking us all out.

The Florida Panthers

How were the Florida Panthers named? Does the state of Florida have panthers anymore? Cougars surely! Seriously folks, we’re here all week. In fact the Florida Tourism board even made a TV series about it and it wasn’t called Panthertown. We don’t think that it has anything to do with hockey though. Lou, Vancouver called and they miss you.

The Montreal Canadians

A little on the nose here Lewis. Yes beavers are Canadian, and yes the word also makes us giggle a little bit. But really a beaver for a team steeped in such august history? Numerous Stanley Cups and some of the greatest hockey players to every grace the ice? In French they are called Les Habitants which we just googled and apparently translates loosely as “farmers”- so a beaver is just fine. We’ll stick with Montreal Canadians.

The Ottawa Senators

The Ottawa Senators are a newer team and they went with ripping off Caesars in Las Vegas apparently. Ok, it seems they have politicians in Ottawa called Senators according to Lewis. Nobody likes a smart ass Lewis. So the mugshot he clipped here is of Steven Harper who is the President of Canada. Not sure why he has the villainous eyebrow but if his poll numbers are anything like Ottawa’s success in recent years then he is in trouble. Apparently he is like a Republican but worse. It looks like he is trying to tax the opposing team to death.

The Tampa Bay Lightning

How was Tampa Bay Lightning named? Finally someone thinking outside of the box. Fast as lightning. Powerful as a lightning bolt. Sometimes electricity is not our friend. Lightning never strikes twice. Snap! That is funny because they have only won one Stanley Cup and came so close last year but lost. Which is even funnier if you don’t like them much. But to their credit they have won more recently than the Toronto Maple Leafs. In fact the Toronto Maple Leafs have not won since the War of Independence which was a least 80 years ago.

The Toronto Maple Leafs

And finally to the team you would not let date your sister, the Toronto Maple Leafs. We guessed with the flag of Canada having a Maple Leaf then they are claiming to be Canada’s team. Which is kind of lame given that they haven’t won anything in years- although let’s face it Wayne Gretzky should have got a high sticking penalty on Dougie Gilmour in ’93, which would have seen the Buds play Montreal for Le Coupe Stanley which would have been pretty awesome. But sadly since ’67 there has been a hole in the heart of everyone in Canada who doesn’t live in Oiler country. So perhaps the picture of a Toronto player with a dried up dead leaf for a head is oddly, weirdly, poignant.

Thus Concludes Our Peek Into How the NHL Atlantic Teams Were Named

And with that it is time to call it a weekend as Lewis’ mom is here to pick him up. In the interest of keeping our jobs please join RealBet’s online sportsbook and casino and get a 100% up to $300 Sign Up Bonus. If you don’t they will fire us and you wouldn’t want that on your conscience would you? Fine, ok. Since you are made of stone we will bribe you with our 25% up to $250 Refer-a-Friend Bonus. That’s all the money we have so please take it. We hope the above insightful, yet thoroughly juvenile analysis of the 2015 NHL Atlantic Division teams has caused you to burn off as much of your remaining Friday afternoon as it took us to assemble it. To the pub!

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