NFL / Superbowl Betting Strategy – Team Draft Picks 2015 Infographic

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NFL / Superbowl Betting Strategy Infographic & Team Draft Picks 2015
NFL / Superbowl Betting Strategy Infographic & Team Draft Picks 2015 CLICK TO VIEW FULL IMAGE

Amp up your NFL / Superbowl betting strategy with our Superbowl team draft picks 2015 infographic, “A Decade of Champions.” You’ll see 10 years worth of stats on the winning NFL team’s offence and defense, as well as showing players by age, position,l draft, year and originating team. Take an in depth look at how championchip teams are constructed and place your NFL / Superbowl bets on who will win!

A Decade of Champions – Superbowl Infographic

What does it take to be a champion in arguably the world’s toughest sport? What kind of players are required to form a team that endures 16 regular season games of the most physical punishing play known to humankind? RealBet’s “A Decade of Champions” infographic celebrates the players that transcended their sport and formed the last ten Super Bowl winning teams.

A Closer Look at How Championship League Teams are Constructed

How do you build an NFL team that wins the Super Bowl? Via the Draft? Trades? Looking for value in discarded or undrafted players? The expert analysts at RealBet asked themselves the same questions and decided to study each of the teams that won the Super Bowl in the last ten years. The infographic paints a complex picture of how an organization builds a winning football program in the NFL. The information is illuminating and these stats just might help you make some smarter football bets along the way.

NFL Draft Picks are the Main Factor in Building Champion Football Teams

When studying the numbers it becomes clear that the NFL Draft is the most crucial element in becoming a championship league team. On average, players who were drafted by the winning organization formed over 62% of a winning team’s Super Bowl starting roster. The four teams composed of the most draftees were:

  • 77% of the 2011 Green Bay Packers were drafted by the organization (17/22)
  • 77% of the 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers were drafted by the organization (17/22)
  • 68% of the 2009 Pittsburgh Steelers were drafted by the organization (15/22)
  • 68% of the 2007 Indianapolis Colts were drafted by the organization (15/22)

New York Giants Stats – Two Superbowl Wins With Lowest Amount of Drafts

However, the New York Giants managed to win two Super Bowls despite having two of the lowest amount of draftees in the past ten years. Perhaps this accounts for their unexpected success both years?

  • 54% of the 2008 New York Giants were drafted by the organization (12/22)
  • 50% of the 2012 New York Giants were drafted by the organization (11/22)

How to Use this Infograpic for Your NFL Betting Strategy – NFL Draft Correlation With Building Championship Teams

So it is clear that while the NFL Draft is almost certainly the most critical component of a Super Bowl winning team, it is possible to win with a team also composed of a higher ratio of non-draftees. At the end of the day this information is not contradictory but rather complementary. It illustrates that organizations need to start with a plan to draft a championship team, and then fill in the gaps along the way.

“A Decade of Champions” – Each Championship League Football Player Forever Remembered as a Champion

The calibre of players it takes to win a championship in the toughest league on earth is incredibly high, regardless of whether they were drafted, traded for, or signed as unknowns. Each football team in each year is forged in the furnace of competition and adversity, creating an amalgam of greatness that is more than the sum of its parts. And that is what RealBet celebrates in “A Decade of Champions”. The indomitable spirit of warrior athletes who found greatness in the toughest game on Earth, and who will forever be remembered as champions.

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Kick Your Superbowl Betting Strategy Into Overdrive With Our Superbowl Team Draft Picks 2015 Infographic – Learn How to Bet on NFL Online

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