Unders and Overs / U/O Sports Betting Infographic for 2015 – Bet Smart

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Overs & Unders for 2015 - Betting Infographic
Overs & Unders for 2015 – Betting Infographic

Our unders and overs / over-under sports betting infographic for 2015 is here. Love football? Love betting? Need some quick u/o facts in order to make money betting NFL in 2015? If so then check out RealBet’s breakdown on how last year’s NFL teams performed when it came to over/under totals. The experts at RealBet have put together a thorough statistical analysis of last season’s over-under results, and have combined it with additional team historical data to create a powerful cheat sheet.

How to Understand Our Unders-Overs NFL Football Infographic – NFL Predictions for 2015

Want to know what teams were the easiest to predict on over/under totals? Hint, the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers. Which teams were the hardest? The Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers. How about NFL matchups by Division or Conference? Away or at Home? Underdog or Favorite? Which teams should you Tease the over/under? All the data you need to make smart football bets is here, and it also comes in an easy format which is perfect to share with family and friends. And there is plenty more. Check out these simple over/under stats that are guaranteed to make you a profit:

  • The Carolina Panthers went Under 83% of the time against Divisional Opponents
  • The Seattle Seahawks went Under 77% of the time against Divisional Opponents
  • The Green Bay Packers went Over in all 3 home games against Divisional Opponents
  • The Houston Texans went Over in all 3 home games against Divisional Opponents

What The RealBet Under-Over Infographic Can Do for Your Betting Strategy

Study the RealBet over/under cheat sheet and you will have a serious edge when it comes to your betting strategy. And remember- the only thing better than winning big, is winning big and letting everyone know about it. Not only will the RealBet over-under cheat sheet make you money, it will also make you popular when you share it with everyone you know. Your friends will be forced to thank you repeatedly and publicly for giving it to them.

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