UFC 214 Lines – MMA Online Betting Odds

UFC 214 Lines are Live at RealBet.eu
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UFC 214 Lines are Live at RealBet.euThe UFC 214 lines are live here at RealBet which for over two years now has been my preferred online sportsbook for MMA betting. Obviously I get a little chicken scratch for writing these articles, but I also really appreciate the frequent big reload bonuses. In terms of MMA odds etc. they are a touch more liberal than the majority of books and always post early which is an advantage for me.

I have spent the last couple of days reviewing UFC 214 lines and thought I would share my handicapping tips. When it comes to UFC and MMA betting action I won’t claim to be a savant and have done only average over the years. I did not do well at Bellator 180 as my pick Fedor Emelianenko got beat down in the first round which set the tone for the rest of the night. However, I am feeling a little more upbeat about my UFC 214 betting picks!

UFC 214 Lines – Betting Picks and Tips

As with all MMA handicapping you have to follow fighter form. Typically, but not always, fighters are either ascending or descending. You cannot bet their history- you have to bet their last couple of fights. My Fedor Emelianenko pick was all about his glorious past, and not so much his previous two or three mediocre fights. So with that in mind let’s take a look at the UFC 214 lines and start with the main course- I will probably look at the other two key fights tomorrow.

UFC 214 Lines – Daniel Cormier vs. Jon Jones 2

Ok this one should be a classic and has been a long anticipated and delayed rematch. I won’t get into the drama, the recriminations, the injury withdrawals, the “I took the wrong cold medication” suspension, blah blah blah, you’ve heard it all. Needless to say there has been tons of glorious trash talk and Cormier and Jones seem to genuinely hate each other.

In their first and only fight, UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones won a unanimous decision in five rounds and retained the belt. Cormier put up a spirited attempt to usurp the throne but Jones’ reach in punches and kicks made the difference.

Jones vs. Cormier – UFC Betting Odds

In UFC 214 lines it looks like the bookies think that this fight will go much the same way as the first one. Although Cormier has been excellent since his loss to Jones and became the Light Heavyweight champion, he is currently a +190 underdog. On the other hand, Jones is a -250 favorite and barring another failed drug test could very well become champ again.

UFC 214 Light Heavyweight Pick – Daniel Cormier

So who will win this fight? I think it will be harder to say than the odds seem to dictate. Jones has not fought in almost 15 months and Cormier has fought four times since then and won convincingly each time. The danger for Cormier is getting out pointed by Jones as he did in their first fight. Even though he will get some wiggle room as champ, he must attack and hurt Jones to make this a contest.

Can he do it? MMA betting, like boxing, is very different than betting on a team sport. The psychology of the individual is paramount and there is a lot that can go sideways leading up to fight night. I think Cormier is motivated and has the tools to stop Jones- but I am not sure if he believes in himself. At heart I love an underdog, and I love +190, so I am going to bet on Daniel Cormier to upset Jon Jones- but it is a gamble.

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