Olympics Betting Online – Rio 2016 Lines and Odds

olympics betting
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Olympics betting is almost upon us, barring Rio de Janeiro blowing up or falling down in the next few days. Things are not going well in the South American host city, and there is still a chance that we may not have a 2016 Rio Olympic Summer Games to bet on. However, aside from anyone involved in water sports who will undoubtedly get ill, there will most likely be another riveting and dramatic display of international sport. The only remaining questions is whether the Olympics can be bet on profitably?

Olympics Betting – Rio 2016 Picks

So fair play and bringing the world together is all well and good. But can we also support our nation’s Olympic athletes while also getting a little action down on our patriotism? We here at RealBet think that it is both possible and patriotic, and have identified the following profitable contests for your consideration.

Olympic Wagers – Betting On Usain Bolt

The title says it all. The Fastest Man Ever is on track to threepeat in the Men’s 100m and 200m which would be an astounding triumph. Bolt will also be part of the heavily favored Jamaican Men’s 4×100 Relay team, which currently sits at -200 leading up to the event. Bolt is currently a -400 in the Men’s 200m and -250 in the Men’s 100m. I think there is a chance that Bolt could be upset in the 100m as it is so short and so fast that anything could happen given his advancing age. However, I think Bolt is essentially unbeatable in the 200m, and that Jamaica should prevail in the 4x100m, so get your Olympics betting action down on those races.

Olympic Men’s Basketball – Team USA 2016 Rio Olympics

This one might seem like a no-brainer, and Coach K is only 75-1 in his tenure as the USA coach, but an upset is always possible. But if you were a betting person, and if you are reading this you almost surely are, then this is about as close to a sure thing as exists in the history of betting. The USA Dream Team redux currently sits at -1200, and even without several Zika all star no shows, the bench depth of the Stars and Stripes is essentially infinite compared to the rest of the world. While the -1200 price seems like it negates any value, I repeat: “sure thing”.

Smart 2016 Olympic Wagers – Men’s Diving

When it comes to Men’s Diving these days you cannot beat the Chinese. The Chinese have dominated the tower and the spring board for the past four Olympics as the nation built teams that could win in Beijing. China continues to run a state sport program much like the old communist systems of Russia and East Germany, err wait still like Russia, and as such has turned out some incredible athletes. Qiu Bo (-125) and Yan Jian are the the divers to beat, although 2012 US Olympic Champion David Boudia at +1200 may be the best value bet there.

Olympics Betting Online – USA Women’s Soccer

Like the USA Men’s Basketball team, betting on the USA Women’s Soccer team is a no-brainer. You can pretty much bet on them on every match and be pretty confident that your money is in good hands. However, there can be some interesting action to be had in things like totals and Asian handicap betting within the soccer games. For instance, New Zealand has always played the USA tough so New Zealand +2 goals at +125 could be a very nice bet. As always do your own handicapping to make sure it is a wager you agree with, but value might be had in some of the side bets.

Olympic Odds and Lines – Rio 2016 Free Bets

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