Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Chances – Online Sportsbooks Don’t Think Much of It

Donald Trump's Presidential Election Chances 2016
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Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential chances look grim. In case you didn’t catch the train wreck that was Donald Trump’s announcement that he is running for President of the United States of America in 2016, here is the recap: he is stark raving mad. Not the “murder entire families with an axe” mad, but rather besotted with his own particular flavour of media whore madness. The man is simply put a junkie – if he doesn’t see himself puffed up and pontificating on some news outlet he goes into drastic and immediate withdrawal. This sobering truth is reflected by many online sportsbooks, who when taking bets on the 2016 Presidential race give Trump slim-to-no chance of occupying the Oval Office.

Taj Mahal Casino Titan / His Hairness Makes Grand Entrance on gold Elevator

No less evident was that than yesterday as the Taj Mahal Casino Titan, or “His Hairness”, announced his candidacy for the Presidency at his exclusive 5th Avenue office tower in Manhattan. Surrounded by acres of garish gold lobby and making his entrance on a slowed down gold escalator…sigh…to a small waiting audience, of no doubt paid supporters, Trump then proceeded to blow, puff, and stroke himself while bragging about his wealth.

Donald Trump’s Speech of Platitudes and Vocalize Crazed Rant

About After the usual 15 minute speech of platitudes which consisted of noting how great he was and how much everyone else sucked, Donald Trump momentarily departed the dais only to reappear minutes later. He then proceeded to drop 45 minutes of unscripted wisdom that at times mixed the usual narcissistic third person references with what can only be called xenophobic rants about China and Mexico. Trump drones were seen anxiously looking around to see if anyone was catching on that their fearless leader is indeed crazed.

Stick to Your Strengths – Donald Trump to Real Estate and Us Here at Real Bet to Online Gaming

Ultimately the casino impresario, who has long been an advocate of online casinos and online gambling, ran out of both air and interest. Satisfied that he had baited the Roman mob anew he then retired gloating to his lair in the clouds. The upshot of all of this that we here at RealBet take away is that everyone should stick to their strengths – we will stick to running the best online gaming casino and sportsbook that there is, and Donald Trump should stick hustling real estate.

Donald Trump’s 2016 Presidential Chances –  Not Very Likely

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