Winning Soccer Bets – International Betting Tip

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Winning Soccer Bets at RealBet.euWhen looking at winning soccer bets it is important to recognize that wagering on national soccer teams is very different than wagering on club teams. Sometimes national teams like England are a complete bust despite being stacked with elite level talent. Sometimes national teams are absolute monsters like Spain’s.

So what is the most important key factor to keep in mind when searching for profitable winning soccer bets in international competition? How do you handicap competitions like Euro 2016 and Copa 2016?

Winning Soccer Bets – Age and Talent Cycles

There is no more fundamental handicapping metric for winning soccer bets in international competition than the age and talent of a team. It may seem like an obvious consideration, but it has a bigger impact on national teams than on club teams. While each go through rebuilding periods when younger players are being brought up and the older players are being phased out, it is a much more uneven process at the national level.

Winning Soccer Bets – Copa 2016

Firstly, if you have age related holes on a club team you can fill them by going out and buying talent. Of course its not always that straightforward but it is an ever present option. When it comes to a national team you don’t have the same options- you can’t buy or trade for new talent. It is all “homegrown”, and as such there can be periods where national teams have serious holes in their rosters but are unable to fill them with top level talent. Just think of the impact that Zlatan Imbrahimovic’s upcoming retirement will have on the Swedish national team.

A further complication can happen when a player may be kept on a roster, or kept off a roster, due to public sentiment. The most common example of this is when a former star national player is kept too long on a squad and ends up weakening the lineup. An example of this would be England’s David Beckham. In his prime Beckham was a global talent and, despite their struggles, an absolute key part of England’s national team. Being a huge fan favorite meant that he probably played three or four years longer on the national team than he should have, which meant taking a roster spot from a fresher talent.

Best Soccer Picks – Euro 2016

And just as a team can be too old, it can also be too young. Again, this is something that can be addressed at the club level via trades and buying players. On a national team this just isn’t always possible. While it is more common to see an older national team, Germany and England’s current lineups would be an example of teams that are still struggling with their youth. The upside of a young team is that it will mature into form, whereas a team that is too old will only see a drop in talent.

So when looking at international soccer, particularly tournaments where a large number of games are played in a short amount of time, really pay attention to the mix of age and talent on a team. A young team can stumble in the first rounds, and an older team might be tired by the later stages. Finding a good match of veterans and youth will often mean greater value than a line may suggest.

Best Euro and Copa Picks – Online Sportsbook Bonuses

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