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Euro 2016 Quarterfinals Betting at RealBet.euEuro 2016 Quarterfinals betting is now underway and there has been drama and upsets galore. Add to all of this the whole surreal context of Brexit, and we have a pretty unique 2016 Euro UEFA competition. Over the next few days I will break down all the matches for some smart soccer bets, and take a look at soccer betting odds and lines.

Euro 2016 Odds and Lines- Iceland v.s. France

It has been a tough week for England. Losing it’s Euro citizenship and a knockout game to Iceland (Mini Me Denmark) has to be tough to swallow. Iceland showed a ton of swagger and no fear when facing The Lions despite giving up an early penalty goal to Wayne Rooney. Within minutes they had scored both the equalizer and the go ahead goal. England fought desperately and had good chances, but in the end could not pull out another goal.

So now the question is, can giant killer Iceland defeat home field favorite France at -300? It is hard to say a categorical “No” given what they did to England, but I think at the end of the day Iceland faces the same challenges in every game from here on in- taking on countries that have deeper talent pools and infrastructure to draw upon. They were underdogs from the start and will continue to be so moving forward.

However, that doesn’t mean that there isn’t value in betting on them particularly when you can get at a big price. This is a national team that is young, and many of whom play in high to elite level professional soccer. They have come up together and clearly have a fantastic bond. Don’t rule out Iceland at +675– there could be real opportunity for a profitable upset.

Euro 2016 Quarterfinals Betting – Italy v.s. Germany

This should be an exciting match as Italy is absolutely firing on all cylinders and it looks like the young German team is finding form. The Germans and the Italians have a long and bitter rivalry in soccer, with the Germans losing to the Italians in Euro 2014. The Germans have been a bit flat and tentative in this tournament, although they seem to be finding the goal scoring touch again with the reintroduction of some veterans to the lineup such as Mario Gomez.

The Germans at +107 seem sharply priced given how uneven they have been and how strong Italy have been. Ultimately I like the Tie at +185 and Italy at +260  as better value soccer bets than taking the Germans straight up. My spidey sense is telling me that this could be Italy’s year, and their coach Antonio Conte might be the man to get it done. Although Spain was clearly not fielding their best team this year, and seemed to have no consistent on-field strategy, they were still defending Euro champions and stocked with talent. If you are looking for great Euro 2016 Quarterfinals betting, then Italy might be the sleeper bet of the tournament.

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