Online Sportsbook Betting Tips – Placing Future Bets

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Best Online SportsbookMany players who are looking for online sportsbook betting tips may not have a clear understanding of the value and potential profit to be had in placing Future bets. As with all of the bets that we have discussed over the last few weeks, understanding when and how to place a Future bet can add extra dollars to your bottom line.

Future Bets Do Not Involve Cyborgs or Christian Bale

What is a Future bet? Does it involve Terminator style scenarios where post-apocalyptic populations turn sport into a substitute for war in a desperate bloody struggle for survival? As entertaining as that idea may be, Future bets are a little more straightforward and a little less The Walking Dead. A Future bet, simply put, is a bet made on the outcome of an event that will take place sometime in the future. That may occur two weeks from now, or twenty years from now.

Future Bets – Who Will Win 2016 Super Bowl

So isn’t betting on next Sunday’s game a future bet? Well in a way it certainly is. But usually Future bets are on significant events as opposed to individual contests. Common examples would be, “Which Team will win the 2016 World Series of Baseball”, or “Which Team will win the 2016 Stanley Cup.” In the Future bets above, the wager is on the entire season and not just one game. Other variations might be on which sports team wins their respective division or conference, or on which team will finish with the best seasonal record.

New England Patriots +250 To Win 2016 Super Bowl- Giselle Bundchen Optimistic

Let’s take a look at an example in depth. If we look at NFL football Futures on, we see that one of the most popular Future bets is on which NFL team will win the 2016 Super Bowl. Each NFL team is listed with a specific line beside them which gives the odds on them becoming champions. As is common with these types of Future bets, you will have a lot of disparity in the odds offered given based upon the strength and performance of the teams relative to each other.

So in this this case we have the New England Patriots at +250 to win the 2016 Super Bowl, the Buffalo Bills at +10,000, and the lowly San Diego Chargers at +100,000. These odds are current odds meaning that they have been updated to reflect how each team has done so far in this season. It may seem odd that the New England Patriots are a favorite at +250 instead of the usual (-) minus number- but given the number of games left to play, and the competitive nature of the playoffs, no team is a sure thing. So even the Patriots are technically underdogs to win it all!

Making Money On Future Bets – Here’s How

So the million dollar question is, “how do you make money on Future bets?” Like all good bets it is about spotting value early on. Do your pre-season analysis and take a look at the lines offered- if a line looks weak then jump all over it. Typically the payoffs on Future bets can be very high- if you are putting $10 on a +2000 line that hits then you are going to be pretty happy counting all your money. It also pays to remember that with most Future bets you will be able to continue betting on them as the season progresses- so it is possible to hedge losses and lock in profits.

Future Bets Are Similar to Proposition Bets But Different

In some ways Future bets are similar to Proposition bets although Future bets are almost always about specific events or competitions. Proposition bets on the other hand tend to be about individual performance, and can take place during the course of a game or over an entire season. We will go into Proposition wagers in more detail in our next Online Sportsbook Betting Tips blog.

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