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Online Sports Betting Recap at RealBet.euIn an overdue edition of our online sports betting recap, we are going to get caught up on what is happening in Tennis and UFC. It is often hard to remember that there actually other sports to bet on once NFL and NCAA football seasons start. So without further ado, the world of non-football sports in a fantastically written 500 word online sports betting recap.

Online Sports Betting Recap – US Open Tennis

By far the biggest news from the 2016 US Open is who didn’t win. Andy Murray was gone in the quarterfinals, Serena Williams in the semifinals, and Novak Djokovic in the finals. Stan Wawrinka, the other Swiss tennis player, played a fired up match and beat the formerly invincible Serbot otherwise known as Djokovic. You will remember this handicapper advising you to bet against Djokovic if he faced a talented opponent in the finals- and the clearly subpar Djokovic was toppled. This was Andy Murray’s tournament to lose and at the end of the day he did in a meltdown worthy of John McEnroe.

Speaking of formerly invincible being toppled, Serena Williams was upset by eventual finalist Karolina Pliskova. A knee injury was cited, no doubt related to Williams’ ongoing hip injury, and age combined with a long tennis season caught up to Williams. The Women’s tennis GOAT still has a few more majors under her belt but the inevitable decline is now more pronounced. Winner Angelique Kerber is now also the new Women’s No. 1 and the first German to be so since Steffi Graff in the 90’s.

Online Sports Betting Recap – UFC 203

The UFC provided another intriguing edition of “Stop Punching Yourself in the Face” in the form of UFC 203. I handicapped a few of the fights in an earlier article, and I am happy to say you would have done fine following my picks. As Stipe Miocic is really an enigma, and Alistair Overeem inconsistent, I recommended avoiding the fight. I think everyone is surprised at how good Miocic may actually be, but it is so tough to really tell against someone as whimsical as Overeem. The defending UFC Heavyweight Champion will most likely see a stiffer matchup in his next bout which will most likely be against Cain Velasquez. I am already looking forward to UFC 204 which promises to be a doozy.

Mixed Martial Arts Odds – Travis Brown Werdummed

As I called it, this fight went the distance with Werdum taking the bout on points. It wasn’t the best UFC contest by a long shot, and after an explosive 1st round both fighters coasted to the end. Strictly speaking the fight should have ended in the 1st round when it was stopped so Browne could have a dislocated finger looked at (technically a TKO). In the end it didn’t matter as Werdum dropped Browne towards the end of the round, and then pushed him around for the next two. Again, not classic MMA betting action by any means but a dominant albeit lazy win by Werdum.

MMA Betting Lines – CM Punk Punked

Any online sportbetting recap of UFC 203 would not be complete without “I told you so” in regards to CM Punk’s debut in the octagon. In under three minutes it was over as young Mickey Gall had him in a submission hold and the WWE star tapped out. No real surprise here and really the lesson is that WWE to UFC crossover sells- but don’t expect much in the way of talent. Brock Lesnar is the obvious exception, but given his success as the best NCAA heavyweight wrestler in the nation he has real skills.

Surprisingly the feedback from the MMA community was generally positive that CM Punk had at least tried, and to be fair he has to be given credit for that. Expect another CM Punk UFC fight as it is good for ratings, but Dana White is already looking for the next crossover opportunity.

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