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US Open Tennis Betting Odds are Live at RealBet.euHaving handicapped some US Open tennis betting in previous years, I thought I would do the same with an odds preview for the 2017 edition. This year’s US Open is going to very different from previous years mainly because of who is not playing as opposed to who is.

Injuries, babies, and withdrawals have struck down innumerable stars at the 2017 US Open which makes for a very different tournament. In this odds preview we will take a look at some US Open tennis betting lines that should make us a nice profit, while navigating a lot of unknown players. Let’s start with Men’s tennis today.

US Open Tennis Betting – Best Picks

Ok so let’s start with who isn’t going to be a factor in US Open Tennis Betting. Novak Djokovic is out for the rest of the season resting, literally, a tennis elbow. World No.2 Andy Murray’s bad hip that lost him Wimbledon this year has flared up dramatically so he won’t be playing and is contemplating surgery. 2016 US Open defending champion Stan Wawrinka is out and requires knee surgery. Kei Nishikori will possibly require wrist tendon surgery and is out most likely for the year. Milos Raonic is currently out recovering from wrist surgery to remove bone fragments. All five of the above players are or were in the top 10 this year.

So after all of that who is left to take a shot at the Big Apple? Well, despite the loss of so many top ten talents two elite players remain. Although both are a little older and past their prime, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal have both been seeing a resurgence in their respective careers. Now both have a clear shot past some of the most dangerous competition to add another Grand Slam event to the ones they have already won this year.

Best Tennis Bets US Open – Rafael Nadal

Nadal is himself just returning to form after battling a severe wrist injury along with back troubles. The most talented clay court player of all time just won his incredible 10th French Open this year and has been staying hot. So hot in fact that the Spaniard is once again the World No. 1 which is impressive given that his career looked over just a couple of years ago.

Roger Federer Wins 2017 US Open – Tennis Betting Tips

You heard it here first! Roger Federer is 36 years old and has won two Grand Slam tournaments this year which is nothing short of unicorn magic. First the ageless Swissster won the 2017 Australian Open and then Wimbledon and could be on his way to a third Grand Slam in the calendar year. You can argue that with injuries and upsets clearing his path that it may not equal the bigger achievements of his career – and to that I would say you go do it and let me know how it turns out. In a sport where being 30 years old means retirement, it demonstrates why Federer is the greatest of all time (GOAT).

There is no doubt that Federer is physically diminished from his prime, but he has just gotten smarter and more strategic to compensate. When he defeated Milos Raonic’s monster serve on the way to winning Wimbledon this year, and then won the whole tournament without losing a set, I knew that Federer had found another gear. Keep taking Feder through all of his matchups, and barring running into Nadal in the semis, I think he is a gimme to be in the finals.

Online Tennis Betting – The Field

To be fair there are other Men’s tennis players that have a legitimate shot to win the 2017 US Open. Marin Cilic is healthy and playing well having gone to the finals at Wimbledon. He is a -1000 favorite against Florian Mayer (+600). Many think Hungarian Grigor Dimitrov and World No. 9 is ready for a big tournament.

And should we be talking more about Alexander Zverev Jr. who beat Roger Federer earlier this year in straight sets to win the Canadian Open? He is currently No. 6 in the world and also beat Djokovic at the 2017 Italian Masters although the Serb was hampered by injuries. There is no doubt that Zverev is an up and comer and may well go deep in the US Open given the clear path with so many notables out. In fact, I think I am betting him, Nadal, and Federer through to the semis and will sort it out then. As an fyi, Davis Cup betting is also available and we will discuss further next week.

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