Free NBA Bets – Cleveland Cavaliers v.s. Los Angeles Clippers

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$10 NBA Free Bets at RealBetIf Free NBA bets are something that appeal to you then look no further than If Free NBA bets don’t appeal to you, then ask yourself where your parents went wrong. Each and every Thursday night throughout the NBA season, the handicappers at RealBet put up a $10 Free Bet on an NBA game which any player can bet on. This is something that every serious sports bettor needs to take advantage of as there is nothing better than free rolling on a bet!

Free NBA Bets Every Thursday at RealBet – Win Big

So let’s take a look at this Thursday’s upcoming $10 Free NBA bet and see where the opportunities are for a smart bet. The game selected by RealBet for this Thursday’s NBA free wager is the Cleveland Cavaliers at the Los Angeles Clippers. This game will no doubt be a tight one given near identical records- the Cavs are 28-11 and the Clippers are 27-14.

However, the records may not give the full picture as to which team might be the better squad. The Clippers are on an 11-1 roll and are clearly getting hot. They are also playing in arguably the much tougher Western Conference where they are going to run into the astoundingly talented Golden State Warriors, San Antonio Spurs, and Oklahoma Thunder. Heck, even the number 5 spot Memphis Grizzlies could give most of the Eastern Conference trouble.

Online Sportsbook NBA Betting – Los Angeles Clippers Hot

So the Los Angeles Clippers are en fuego- how about the Cleveland Cavaliers? Prior to last night’s shellacking by Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors you might have made the case that they might be the more dangerous of the two teams. Whenever you have someone by the name of LeBron James on your team you can’t be counted out- but are the Cavs’ dominance more of a product of their weak conference than of their true strength? This is not to say that the Cavs aren’t a top team and contender to go to the NBA Finals- but if their recent shaming by the Warriors is any indication then they have a long way to go. James, Love and Irving had a combined 29 points versus Steph Curry’s 35 points which says it all.

NBA Betting Online – Get Your $10 Free Bet

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