NBA Betting Lines – Playoffs Preview and Picks

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NBA betting lines at 100% Match Bonuses!NBA betting lines and odds are always live at RealBet– but are we crazy in handicapping the NBA Playoffs this far out? Not if you are the mad geniuses in the RealBet sportsbunker! After the best players on the planet descended on Toronto for the NBA All Star Game, our focus is now on what’s shaping up to be an exciting second half of the season.

NBA Betting Lines – Future Bets to Win Championship

NBA Futures have fluctuated during the year, but post All Star Break gives us a good opportunity to take a look at the most updated odds. With most teams reasonably healthy and running well, it is tempting to think that we are really in the stretch run to the playoffs. Although there is not a lot of parity in the NBA at the moment compared to the other professional leagues, this would be a very dangerous assumption. One critical injury and the playoff landscape could shift dramatically. The NBA is a team sport but it is your star players that make the difference between a ring and watching the playoffs from home- lose a Lebron or a Curry and you are done. Barring that, here is our break down of where the best value might be had for NBA Future betting lines.



Odds to Win 2015/2016 NBA Championship

Team Odds Team Odds
Golden State Warriors -110 Detroit Pistons 15,000
San Antonio Spurs 225 Charlotte Hornets 15,000
Cleveland Cavaliers 350 Dallas Mavericks 25,000
Oklahoma City Thunder 1,000 New York Knicks 25,000
Toronto Raptors 2,000 Sacramento Kings 40,000
Los Angeles Clippers 2,500 New Orleans Pelicans 50,000
Boston Celtics 3,000 Utah Jazz 50,000
Chicago Bulls 4,000 Milwaukee Bucks 60,000
Atlanta Hawks 4,000 Orlando Magic 100,000
Miami Heat 4,000 Brooklyn Nets 250,000
Indiana Pacers 8,000 Minnesota T-Wolves 250,000
Washington Wizards 10,000 Philadelphia 76ers 250,000
Portland Blazers 10,000 Denver Nuggets 250,000
Memphis Grizzlies 12,500 Los Angeles Lakers 250,000
Houston Rockets 12,500 Phoenix Suns 250,000

Betting NBA Lines – Picks and Tips

Most believe that only 4 teams, the Golden State Warriors, the San Antonio Spurs, the Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Oklahoma Thunder, have a legitimate shot at winning the NBA crown. However, it is important to note that at this point last year Cleveland were the title favorites and didn’t win the title- and the year prior the Miami Heat were the pole leaders at the All Star Break and lost to the Spurs.

Cleveland has the easiest path to the final as the Chicago Bulls (+4000) may be their only real threat. At +350, you’re basically getting those odds on the Cavs to beat one high quality team in the finals, assuming they stay fully healthy.

On the flip side the Warriors, Spurs, and the Thunder all have to go through each other- meaning one of these elite teams won’t make it to the 3rd round.

From a value perspective, Oklahoma at 10/1 seems to be provide the biggest bang for your buck. But they are the team most likely to have to play both the Spurs and the Warriors given their current position in the standings. The Spurs, at +225, haven’t lost a home game all year and boast the league’s best defense. As for the Warriors, well at this point if you don’t realize how good they are you have been living under a rock.

NBA Championship Futures Betting and Lines – Long Shots

What long shot provides the best value? Miami boasts an interesting starting 5 that has a little bit of everything, plus a 2-time champion head coach. They may end up being the 2nd best team in the East behind Cleveland, and at +4000 you could find some extreme value if something disastrous (i.e. a Lebron James injury) befalls the favored Cavs.

The Los Angeles Clippers at 25/1 have 2 All NBA talents in Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, which always gives them a punchers chance (sorry, couldn’t help ourselves). The Clippers are looking at a 2nd round date with Golden State, but do have the talent to play with the Warriors even though they’d be heavy underdogs. Much like Miami, they’d need something calamitous (i.e. Steph Curry getting abducted by Billy Crystal) for them to have a real shot- but crazier things have happened.

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