NCAA Week 5 Football Recap from Top Online Sportsbook

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This week in our NCAA week 5 football recap we touch on the highlights. Get the full scoop on what went down from – top online sportsbook

Won’t somebody think of the children? Villains at the NCAA head office continued to plot on how to further make stadiums full of money off  of child labor, err, their students. Cheerleading squads are reporting the first wave of injuries from aerial acrobatics gone wrong, and from funny but tragic sideline collisions with football players.

NCAA Football Results for Week 5 – Football Results and Scores

The NCAA football season continues to have an academic exemption as Week 5 provided a few surprises and a

couple of significant upsets. A few big teams now have a 1 in the Loss column which starts shaping the Bowl landscape come the end of the season. Even if it is named the Tostitos Bowl. The Tostitos Bowl. Sounds delicious…

NCAA Week 5 Football Recap from Top Online Sportsbook

  • #1 Ohio State dominated Indiana 34-27
  • #2 Michigan State was almost upset by unranked Purdue 24-21
  • #3 Ole Miss was shocked by the #25 Florida Gators 38-10
  • #4 TCU steered the Texas Longhorns to a 50-7 loss
  • #5 Baylor told Texas Tech to “stop hitting themselves” beating them 63-35
  • #6 Notre Dame lacked faith losing to #12 Clemson 24-22
  • #7 UCLA was upset by unranked Arizona State 38-23
  • #8 Georgia Tech was humiliated by #13 Alabama 38-10
  • #9 LSU creoled Eastern Michigan 44-22
  • #11 Florida State beat Wake Forest 24-16
  • #14 Texas A&M beat Mississippi State 30-17
  • The Oklahoma Sooners sent the West Virginians back to coal mining 44-24
  • #22 Michigan State blanked Maryland 28-0

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