NFL Week 4 Football Recap from Best Online Sportsbook

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The NFL Week 4 football recap is here. It was another fantastic week of action and drama worthy of a Wagnerian opera. Michael Vick returned to the field in a losing attempt at redemption with the Steelers, while the Patriots rested this week as they contemplated the possibility of another perfect season. The results were a little more balanced between bookmakers and players in Week 4, much to the relief of one of those two.

Who Won NFL Week 4? – Football Handicapping for Winning Football Bets

Injuries again played a key role in many of the games in NFL Week 4, which was particularly obvious as the Dallas Cowboys struggled with the New Orleans Saints. The gap between strong teams and weak teams seems wider than in previous years, and we here at RealBet are starting to wonder about league parity when it comes to football handicapping. The RealBet Pick 6 NFL Week 4 infographic reflected that with again lopsided scores impacting picks:

  • The Baltimore Ravens pecked out an overtime win against the Michael Vick helmed Pittsburgh Steelers 23-20 on Thursday
  • The New York Jets continued to take off against weaker teams beating the Miami Dolphins 24-17
  • The Indianapolis Colts needed to pull a horseshoe out of their you-know-what to stave off the starving Jacksonville Jaguars 16-13
  • The undersized New York Giants continue to confound as they beat the Buffalo Bills who were expected to win on their home prairie turf 24-10

  • The surprisingly solid Carolina Panthers channeled their inner feline and stymied the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 37-23
  • The Philadelphia Eagles were plucked by the embarrassingly named Washington Redskins 23-20
  • The Chicago Bears emerged from hibernation to finally get a victory over the mercurial Oakland Raiders 22-20
  • Everything is not bigger in Texas as the Atlanta Hawks raptored the Houston Texans 48-21
  • The Cincinnati Bengals were leonine in a 36-21 defeat of the Kansas City Chiefs

NFL Week 4 Football Recap Conclusion and How to Join the Best Online Sportsbook

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