Weekly Online Sports Recap: September 28 – October 4th   

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The scores are in with RealBet’s weekly online sports recap and there was plenty of drama and tears last week particularly in baseball. The MLB playoffs are here with the NHL and NBA seasons just around the corner. Golf continued to swing along, and NASCAR and Formula One continued to burn massive amounts of gasoline. Tennis is fading into the oblivion of the ATP circuit and Soccer continues to be the prima donna of sports.

MLB / Baseball – It’s Finally Over Sort Of

After an eternity of regular baseball season games, MLB entered the post season which will only take another month to sort out. As much as we here at RealBet love baseball, it seems better for humanity on the whole to make the regular season shorter. So the winners and losers in baseball are:

  • The Baltimore Orioles swept the New York Yankees 3-0 in their season ending series
  • The Boston Red Sox were swept by the Cleveland Indians 3-0 in their series
  • The Tampa Bay Rays lucked out beating the Toronto Blue Jays 2-1 in their weekend series
  • The Chicago White Sox won 2 of 3 in their season ending series against the Detroit Tigers
  • The Kansas City Royals closed out the season in style blanking the Minnesota Twins 3-0
  • The Houston Astros stole a wild card spot by winning 2 of 3 against the Arizona Diamondbacks
  • The Los Angeles Angels split their season ending series with the Texas Rangers 2-2
  • The Oakland Athletics beat the Seattle Mariners 2-3 in the last weekend series of the season
  • The Atlanta Braves finished the season on a high note beating the St. Louis Cardinals 2-0
  • The Miami Marlins won their last series of the year beating the Philadelphia Phillies 2-1
  • The New York Mets lost their series with the Washington Nationals 2-1
  • The Chicago Cubs swept the Milwaukee Brewers 3-0 to end in wildcard style
  • The Pittsburgh Pirates won their series with the Cincinnati Reds 2-1
  • The Colorado Rockies beat the San Francisco Giants 2-1 in their season ending series
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers swept the San Diego Padres 3-0 to win out the season

Golf – Jordan Speith Wins Everything

  • Jordan Speith won the PGA Player of the Year award which was very much a forgone conclusion
  • The LPGA is headed towards the mythical land of Malaysia next weekend to play in the Sime Darby event
  • The blood is beginning to boil as the clash for world mastery nears in South Korea. Are we talking about a battle between the forces of democracy and tyranny? Not really – just golf’s President Cup which takes place this coming weekend

Formula One and NASCAR- Putin the Pedal Down in Sochi

  • Formula One goes to the home of borscht for the second ever Russian Grand Prix which will take place in the Olympic enclave at Sochi
  • NASCAR returned to Dover, New Hampshire where Kevin Harvick earned redemption for his earlier loss there by winning in strong fashion. The win also catapulted him into the Chase Cup

Soccer – Liverpool Fires Coach and Messi Injured

  • Soccer superstar Lionel Messi will be out for up to eight week with an unspecified knee injury. The Argentinian was injured playing in a La Liga game against Las Palmas. Ronaldo is believed to be taking the news well
  • Liverpool fired its manager Brendan Rogers as they currently sit in a lowly 10th position in the English Premier League. Jurgen Klopp is the most likely replacement

Tennis – Serena Williams Takes the Year Off

  • Serena Williams and several other top seeds such as Maria Sharapova will not be playing in the upcoming ATP China and Singapore events. The events come at the end of the tennis calendar when fatigue and injuries take their toll- and clearly Serena Williams has nothing left to prove at this point
  • The ATP London event is coming up which will see the top men’s seeds play against each other for big cash and bro bonding

In Next Week’s RealBet Weekly Online Sports Recap – NFL, MLB, NCAA Spotlight

The NFL continues to roll and baseball gets interesting again with the playoffs. A few upsets are possible with big NCAA football teams next week which will make or break the chance to appear in Bowl games.

  • Baseball playoffs are here and we can wake back up and watch the rest of the MLB season
  • NFL Week 5 (check out NFL Week 4 here) is going to be even full of even more Roger Goodell goodness than thought possible
  • NCAA Football (Check out NCAA Week 5 here) returns to protesting they don’t have any money to subsidise meals and clothes for student athletes
  • Formula One heads to Russia for its next Grand Prix stop
  • NASCAR enters the Sprint Chase the Cup playoffs which does not mean unlimited soda refills
  • Soccer will take place on the international stage with a do or die game for USA men’s coach Jurgen Klinsmann against perennial rivals Mexico
  • The Presidents Cup in South Korea will feature the world’s best golfers competing for preferred seating at the United Nations.

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