Weekly Online Sports Recap – September 7 – 13

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Our online sports recap for Sept 7-13th is here. If you didn’t get a chance to see all the games and races we have compiled the highlghts for you below. Be sure to subscribe to our news for instant updates, delivered right to your inbox. Here is the latest on Football, Baseball, Golf, Car Racing, Soccer and Tennis.

NFL Week 1, Sneak Peek at Week 2 and NCAA Football Recap

Week 1 of the NFL season is off to a bang and Tom Brady is showing Roger Goodell what’s what. In celebration and for the love of football, we released our top 6 free football picks infographic. Check out our beautifully illustrated image of game matchups and why we think who will win each game. Here are the details on recent NFL matchups:

  • The Pittsburgh Steelers lost to the Super Bowl Champion New England Patriots 28-21
  • The Green Bay Packers defeated the Chicago Bears 31-23
  • The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Houston Texans 27-20
  • The indomitable Cleveland Browns lost to the New York Jets 31-10
  • The surprising Buffalo Bills beat the favored Indianapolis Colts 27-14
  • The Miami Dolphins beat the Washington Redskins in convincing fashion 17-10
  • The Carolina Panthers bested the Jacksonville Jaguars 20-9 in the battle of the big cats
  • The Seattle Seahawks lost in OT to the surprising St. Louis Rams
  • The New Orleans Saints didn’t have a prayer against the Arizona Cardinals losing 31-19
  • The San Diego Chargers tamed the Detroit Lions 33-28
  • The Tennessee Titans pounded the Tampa Bay Buccaneers 42-14
  • The Cincinnati Bengals roared their way to victory over the hapless Oakland Raiders 33-13
  • The Baltimore Ravens lost Terrell Suggs and the game to the Denver Broncos 19-13
  • In a thrilling finish the Dallas Cowboys bested hated rivals the New York Giants 27-26
  • In a battle of the birds the Atlanta Falcons soared higher than the Philadelphia Eagles 26-24
  • The San Francisco 49ers stifled the Minnesota Vikings 20-3.

Baseball – MLB Preparing for Golf and Big Game Wins

With most of the MLB preparing for golf it is now down to the true contenders for post season greatness. If you didn’t catch all of the baseball games that happened this week, no worries – we have the scores right here:

  • The Boston Red Sox edged the Tampa Bay Rays 2-1 in their series
  • The Baltimore Orioles win their series with the Kansas City Royals 2-1
  • The New York Yankees got pounded in their series with the Toronto Blue Jays 3-1
  • The Atlanta Braves get mauled by the New York Mets 3-0 in their series
  • The Miami Marlins went 2-1 in their series with the Washington Nationals
  • The Philadelphia Phillies split their series with the Chicago Cubs 2-2
  • The Chicago White Sox lost their series with the Minnesota Twins 2-1
  • The Cleveland Indians won their series with the Detroit Tigers 2-1
  • The Cincinnati Reds smacked the St. Louis Cardinals 3-1 in their series
  • The Milwaukee Brewers surrendered their series to the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-1
  • The Houston Astros lost their series against the Los Angeles Angels 2-1
  • The Oakland Athletics lost their series with the Texas Rangers 2-1
  • The Colorado Rockies won their series with the Seattle Mariners 2-1
  • The Arizona Diamondbacks lost their series with the LA Dodgers 2-1
  • The San Diego Padres got swept by the San Francisco Giants in a battle of the saints

NCAA Football Week 3 Highlights – Big Teams Dominate College Football Wins

Big teams continued to win in college football as they are expected to do at this time of year. There were quite a few matchups this week, here is a list of who won / lost:

  • Florida State beat South Florida 34-14
  • Auburn trumped Jacksonville State 27-20
  • Clemson topped Appalachian State 41-10
  • Georgia Tech trounced Tulane 65-10
  • Notre Dame won over Virginia 34-27
  • TCU beat Stephen Austin 70-7
  • #1 Ohio State pummeled Hawaii 38-0
  • Georgia beat Vanderbilt 31-14
  • #2 Alabama dominated Middle Tennessee
  • Oklahoma beat Tennessee 31-24
  • Baylor beat Lamar 66-31
  • #5 Michigan State narrowly beat #7 Oregon 31-28
  • #8 USC trojaned Idaho 59-9

Golf – Ricky Fowler Wins Deutsche Bank Championchip and Lydia Ko Becomes Youngest LPGA Major Winner

This week was an exciting one in golf – Ricky Fowler and Lydia Ko enjoy huge success and come out as winners. Ricky Fowler won the Deutsche Bank Open and Lydia Ko won a LPGA Major at 18. Here are the details:

  • Ricky Fowler wins the Deutsche Bank Championship and 1.5 million dollars.
  • Lydia Ko becomes the youngest LPGA Major winner at 18 taking down the Evian Open in France
  • Watch for another big tournament in men’s golf with the BMW Championship coming up

Formula One and NASCAR Racing – Teams Prep for 2015 Singapore Grand Prix and Matt Kenseth Wins Richond NASCAR Spirit Race

Formula 1 and NASCAR Racing  is well underway this week. The Singapore Grand Prix is coming up and a big race came to a close. In NASCAR Joey Logano came in second to Matt Kenseth in Richmond, and Lewis Hamilton is in top place in F1. Here are the details:

  • Teams move to Asia from Europe in anticipation of the 2015 Singapore Grand Prix as Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes continue to dominate
  • Matt Kenseth won the Richmond NASCAR Sprint Race on behalf of Toyota with Joey Logano coming in second for Ford

Soccer – Ronaldo Scores 8 Goals in 2 games and Wayne Rooney Sets Record

In soccer the European leagues continue to roar into the start of the season, and soccer hooligans everywhere are happy to have something to do on the weekends. Here are the game stats of the week:

  • Ronaldo scores 8 goals in two games for Real Madrid and reminds the media that he is not washed up despite being declared a prima donna and “too pretty”
  • Wayne Rooney sets a record for the English National team as he scores his 50th international goal on behalf of the nation best known for the “chip butty” and Downtown Abbey

Tennis – Serena Williams Loses and Novak Djokovic is the World’s Best Tennis Player

Tennis is still in shock about Serena Williams losing and no one can figure out how to like Novak Djokovic. As fans try to accept Serena’s loss, the game must go on. Here are the highlights of tennis this week:

  • The dream is over for Serena Williams at least for this year
  • Novak Djokovic is the best tennis player in the world except that we all heart Roger Federer

Weekly Online Sports Recap for September 7 – 13

There you have it online sports fans, this concludes our weekly recap. Here is what’s coming up next week:

  • Week 2 of NFL continues with major matchups happening in virtually every game
  • The LPGA heads to the Reignwood Pine Valley LPGA Classic
  • NASCAR roars into the Chicagoland Speedway, while F1 prepares for the Singapore Grand Prix

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